# 2 – Econ Class


He was lean and long-limbed.  His dark eyes were deep-set and intense, taking everything in as they surveyed the room.  More than once she thought that he was looking at her out of the corner of his eye.  She would force herself to look away only to cave a few minutes later and resume studying him.

His dark hair was cut in a slightly grown-out buzz that she was dying to run her fingers through.  The few shimmery greys gave his hair a supernatural glow.  She wondered how old he was.

He was wearing jean shorts and an orange t-shirt.  His arms and legs were covered in a sprinkling of dark hair.  A lot of guys her age shaved their body hair, but Liza had always found a moderate amount to be kind of sexy.  Tattoos peeked out from under each sleeve and ran up one forearm, but she couldn’t make them out.

She looked up to find him sitting perfectly still, head slightly turned, watching her watch him.  Busted.  He gave her a small smile before returning his attention to the rest of the room.  Liza felt like her head was going to burst into flames.  Her hands were shaking as she pulled a notebook out of her old messenger bag.  When she dared to look at him again a minute later, the crinkled corners of his eyes betrayed a smile that his mouth was working hard to hide.


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