# 4 – Adams Square


Ridiculously long fingers enveloped half of her forearm.  The first joint of his right ring finger seemed to be permanently bent.  She turned his hand to get a better look and wondered what had happened.  An accident?  A fight?  Maybe a birth defect?  She looked up to find him looking between her and his hand, eyebrows raised, slight smile.  Another horn beeped and she released his hand.

“So, where can I take you?”

He worked his tongue around his cheek for a few seconds before answering, “Adams Square?”

“Ok,” said Liza.  She sped off and jabbed the radio button.  Music blared at an ungodly volume and she quickly lowered it.  “What are you majoring in?”  Well, that was original.

Bruce looked out the side window.  “Nothing.  I like to take classes for fun sometimes,” he said.

“For fun?” Liza stared over at him.  “Macroeconomics…for funHere?!”

Bruce shrugged, “I work here, so it’s free.”

“Oh.  What do you do?”

“I teach Literature, but I like to take different classes now and then to learn new things.”

“You’re a professor?”  Liza said, disappointment creeping into voice.  It probably wasn’t okay to go out with a professor.  Well, maybe.  She was older, certainly not college age.  Not that this guy would want to go out with her anyway.  What the hell was he doing masquerading as a student, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, looking attractive?  Professors were supposed to have white hair and wear tweed jackets.  They lived in the big stone houses on campus or drove hybrid cars out to their suburban McMansions.

“I am.  That okay with you?”  She could hear the smile in his voice and relaxed.  He had a nice voice.  Distinctive.  Like James Gandolfini, only less so.

She gave a big fake sigh.  “I guess.  As long as it’s okay with you that I’m a…hmm…seventh semester freshman majoring in business admin.”

Seventh semester freshman?  Is that even possible?”

“It is when you switch your major five times,” said Liza.

“Oh. My. God,” he said, valley girl style.  She laughed and looked over to see him shaking his head and grinning.  “Yeah, that’s okay with me.”  The sky erupted into a sea of lights as they entered Adams Square on the north side.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

“You can let me out here,” said Bruce, sitting up and reaching for the door handle.  “Thanks for the ride, Liza.  It was nice meeting you.”

Liza hit the brakes and they lurched to an abrupt stop at the corner.  “No problem.  It was nice meeting you too.”  He sat there staring at her with a faint smile on his face for what seemed like forever.  Finally he jumped out and trudged off down the street.

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