# 16 – Vibrating


Liza’s vibrating cell phone jolted her awake. She pulled it out of her pocket and flicked off the alarm. It was seven in the morning. The dawn sunlight poked through the curtains. She was in her bedroom, on her bed, fully dressed with her Nightmare Before Christmas blanket draped over her. Sitting on the comforter next to her were her keys and purse. Liza lay there for a minute piecing everything together.  She turned her head and saw a half sheet of parchment paper sitting on the other pillow.  Every inch was filled with heavy handwriting.  Next to it was the ebony and silver fountain pen her parents had given her when she started taking art classes.  She hadn’t seen it since the night she had drawn Bruce’s picture.  Now she was really confused.  Liza wondered for a moment if she should be freaked out or angry, then she smiled and rolled over to read Bruce’s story.

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