# 31 – That Night


Light from the street poked through the curtains and cast her bedroom in slices of shadow and light. Liza slid her cell phone off of the little antique apothecary cabinet that she used as a night stand.  It was five sixteen in the morning, a little before dawn.  As she drifted fully awake, she tried to piece everything together.  She was lying in bed, sans clothes.  The Nightmare Before Christmas blanket and a long arm were wrapped around her.  She turned her head to find Bruce sleeping next to her.  Liza wanted to move closer, kiss him, run her fingers through his shimmery black hair, but she resisted the urge.  Instead, she studied him.  She was noticing a few faint freckles around his eyes when Bruce opened them so quickly that he startled Liza.  She wondered if he’d been sleeping at all.  His expression was unreadable.  They stared at each other for a minute.  Bruce kissed her forehead and lips. He pulled her toward him and closed his eyes.  Liza kissed him on the cheek, ran her hand through his hair, and fell back asleep.

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