# 34 – Maybe Not


Or…maybe not.  Liza had assumed that he lived in one of the condos or big townhouses around Adams Square, but Bruce marched off in the other direction.  It was hard following him in the city’s rush hour traffic, especially since she wasn’t very familiar with this area.  She stopped at a light and Bruce got several blocks ahead of her by the time it changed.  Liza cruised after him, careful not to drive too fast.  She didn’t want to lose him, but she didn’t want him to see her either.  They were heading into an area near the river that was mainly industrial.  There weren’t as many cars or pedestrians.  At the next light, Liza jabbed the lock button on her door and retrieved the butterfly knife from the passenger’s side foot well.

She watched Bruce turn down what looked like an access road for the river.  Liza cursed.  He wasn’t making this easy.  She turned down the road in time to see him veer off the sidewalk and disappear below a highway underpass.  She’d never been here before.  It was pretty desolate, surrounded by abandoned mills and factories.  The highway arched above them on the right, and the river was somewhere ahead.  She felt uneasy.  Liza looked in the rear view mirror.  Traffic continued to roll down the cross street, but no one else turned down here.  Liza inhaled deeply.  She wished that she had a cigarette.  What the hell was she doing?  What if Bruce saw her or her car got a flat tire, or she got raped and dumped in the river by some nut job?!  They were all horrifying thoughts, but eventually her curiosity won out and she crept down to the end of the road.  It dead ended at the river as Liza had figured.  To the right was the underpass where she last saw Bruce.  She coasted to stop.  Liza didn’t know what she expected to see below the underpass, but this wasn’t it.


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