# 36 – The Oh Shit! Moment


It was a good thing that Liza didn’t stop to think about the fact that she was charging a small mob of mentally unstable homeless people.  Fortunately, the butterfly knife that she was still holding scared away all but one of Bruce’s attackers.  The one, of course, was Scary Witch Hat Guy.  This guy was the king of mentally unstable homeless people, with a crown to prove it.  Liza’s crazed, wheezy sprint with a folded up knife didn’t faze him.  Without missing a beat, he whacked her with a copy of Robinson Crusoe that he was wielding like a tennis racket.  He caught her shoulder.  Pain shot through her arm but Liza just managed to stay on her feet.  She panicked and threw the closed knife at him.  Her aim was slightly better than his.  The heavy knife caught him just above the right eye, opening up a gash along the brow line.  Blood began to dribble into his eye.  Terrifyingly enough, he didn’t seem hurt so much as stunned.  Liza had a major Oh Shit! moment, but then Scary Witch Hat Guy dropped the book, waved, and walked away.

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