# 42 – This Time Last Year


Casey was spending more time sleeping than usual.  Tonight she as out before dusk.  Liza was exhausted.  It drained her to work through lunch, and she’d driven herself nuts all day worrying about Bruce and Casey.  She’d shuffled up to the third floor before she remembered that Bruce had been discharged.  His room was empty.  It made Liza sad even though she was glad that he was better.  She didn’t know when she would see him again, nor did she know how to get in touch with him short of physically hunting him down at work.  It would be easy enough to look up his university email address, but she felt funny.

They’d spent every evening together for the past week.  Now she missed this guy that she didn’t even know this time last year.  Liza frowned.  She kind of wanted to hunt him down now.  She also kind of wanted to stop going to class and move to the other side of the country.  Liza dug around in her purse for her keys.  Her fingers brushed against a piece of paper.  She pulled it out and unfolded it.  Bruce’s heavy handwriting stared up at her.


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