# 45 – Class 9


The garden was in full bloom.  Bold flowers popped out of bushes.  The ivy was fuller, thanks to months of new growth.  The summer was almost over and campus was coming alive for the fall term.  Some of the day students who lived off campus were coming back.  Facilities trucks were all over, cleaning and making repairs.  Liza sat motionless on the marble bench.  Casey’s health was declining.  She was barely eating, and could sleep only when the doctors loaded her up with pain medicine.  She never mentioned her mom, but Liza tried to track her down.  None of her old friends from the neighborhood had heard from her; neither had anyone in their extended family.

It rained almost nonstop for the past week.  Liza came home from the hospital last night to find that lakes of filthy water had formed on the living room and dining room floors, warping the wood.  The first floor of the house was now a minefield of pots.  Liza only slept for two hours last night, so her body had insisted on taking a nap when she was in the ladies room at work this afternoon.  Shauna, the miserable woman in the cube across from Liza, had ratted her out and gotten her written up.

Liza set the alarm on her cell phone and zoned out.  She floated in and out of a dazed sleep.  Jim smiled by on his way to class.  Bruce never showed.  To hell with everything.

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