# 64 – Like a Colicky Infant


When Liza didn’t have work for more than a couple of days, her sleep pattern degenerated to that of a colicky infant.  It was close to dawn by the time Liza finished.  Her uninjured eye was killing her, but she was pleased with the sketches she started.  She went upstairs, brushed her teeth and got into bed.  The sound from the TV downstairs wouldn’t let Liza forget that Bruce was asleep in her living room.  Not that she could anyway.  She felt bad leaving him down there when she had two spare rooms, but he seemed comfortable and hadn’t stirred in hours.

Liza closed her eyes for what she swore was an hour, but which her alarm clock said was only seven minutes.  She put on her TV and tried again.  She put the pillow over her head.  It didn’t matter.  Liza scooped up the pillow and the Nightmare Before Christmas blanket and went downstairs.  Bruce was still sleeping.  He hadn’t moved.  Liza thought for a minute before setting up the pillow and blanket in front of the sofa.  She was asleep within a few minutes.

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