# 67 – Inexplicable


Liza got up to make another cup of coffee.  She needed a minute to digest everything that she had just heard without four pair of eyes boring into her.

So apparently…Bruce woke up early and decided to clear the snow from Liza’s walkway and car.  That’s when Michael showed up.  Jake, who didn’t have work because of the weather and who is always hot, was sitting in his living room with the windows cracked.  He “overheard” their conversation.  It turns out that he was right.  (He took an obscene amount of enjoyment in pointing this out to Liza.)  Bruce was, inexplicably, homeless.

His friend Michael, also homeless, frequented a shelter in Liza’s neighborhood.  Bruce and Michael were both in Adams Square the night that Michael rescued Liza.  They saw Brad lurking around, and Bruce sent Michael to sit with her.  Afterwards, Michael volunteered to look out for Liza when he was staying at the shelter in her neighborhood.  Bruce agreed, and gave him her address.  Michael was walking past Liza’s house this morning when he spotted Bruce and stopped to talked to him.

Jake heard their exchange and went outside to confront them.  Liza’s three self-appointed guardian angels were out front arguing when Sam, Jake’s boyfriend, showed up.  Sam thought that this was all none of Jake’s  business, but agreed that they should not leave Liza alone with Bruce and Michael, who could be a couple of demented murderers for all they knew.  So, the four of them decided that the best thing to do would be to make breakfast in Liza’s kitchen while they waited for her to wake up.  At least, this is what Liza thought happened.

The four of them had pounced as soon as breakfast was over.  They bickered and talked over each other like children vying to tell their mother their version of the story first.  What Liza most wanted to know, no one could (or rather, would) explain.  How had the dean of a large university ended up homeless?


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