# 75 – Incognito Do-gooding


It was after three o’clock in the morning.  They were watching Frankenweenie.  Well, Bruce was watching Frankenweenie.  Liza was pretending.  She was watching Bruce.  Questions flooded her head.  What happened last summer?  Was it something she did, or was it all about him not wanting her to find out that he was homeless?  And why the hell was he sneaking around helping her?  The econ paper, sending Michael to rescue her from Brad, the other day in the garden…was there more?  She thought of the story that he had written for Casey.  What else had he done?  And WHY?  He didn’t want to see her but he’d appointed himself her guardian angel?  Liza didn’t get it.

She had a feeling that if she pressed him for answers, that he would leave.  That wouldn’t work.  She was determined to pay him back.  He didn’t want to go out with her.  Fine.  She could deal with that as long as he never found out how she felt about him.  He didn’t want to tell her his life story.  Whatever.  She didn’t need to know.  He wanted to periodically turn up and help her with his incognito do-gooding.  That wasn’t OK.  She didn’t like owing people.  She definitely didn’t want to owe Bruce.  So, she was going to do some guardian angeling herself.  It should work out well.  It seemed as if he needed just as much help as she did.  Plus, she might eventually convince herself that she was only helping him to make things even.

Damn!  He was watching her out of the corner out his eye.  She was busted and transported back to that first night in class.  He laughed and shook his head.  Liza turned her head and adjusted some stray strands from her messy bun to hide her smile.  Damn.  This was bad.  This was really bad.

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