# 76 – The Things Were Just Things


When Liza’s parents died, her life shifted into slow motion.  It was like living in a dream or a movie scene.  This lasted for about a year.  Liza didn’t do much during that time.  She followed everyone’s advice and didn’t make any life-altering decisions.  It was probably good advice, but she realized that she couldn’t break out of slow motion until she made some changes.  The way things were, she was living in a life that didn’t exist anymore.  So Liza changed jobs, looked into going back to college, and got a new car.

The house was the problem.  It was comforting and familiar in the beginning, but it began to feel like she was living in a history museum.  Liza considered selling the house, but that wasn’t practical.  The house was in a convenient location, just about everyone she knew lived in the area, and it was paid for.  Liza decided to stay, but change some things.  She went through her parents’ stuff and sold, donated, or gave away most of it, keeping only what she liked or had a sentimental attachment to.  Liza rearranged, redecorated, got new things.  But the things were just things.  The museum effect was gone, only now it didn’t feel like a home.

Laura and Casey only made it worse.  It felt weird that they were there.  They were part of the old life, not the new one.  She didn’t know how to mix the two, and was afraid that if she tried, she would go back into slow motion.  Liza wanted them gone.   (She felt terrible about this after Casey died, but there was nothing that she could do except hope that her niece hadn’t picked up on her feelings.)  Anyway, she got used to the house that wasn’t a home.  It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad.  Life was moving at regular speed again.

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