# 87 – Like a Fairy Tale


Bruce ran his hand over the book.  No one moved.  Liza could feel their eyes boring into him.  He opened the cover and his eyes fell on Liza’s inscription.  For once she was happy for her cramped handwriting.  Why did she give it to him in front of everyone?

He closed the book and stared at the cover.  Liza wanted to run back up to the bathroom with a case of Blue Moon and a carton of cigarettes.  Bruce stood up.  She tried to think of a smart-ass comment.  He walked over to her.  She willed her phone to go off.  Nothing.  Seriously!?  You wake me up in the middle of the night with weather alerts and you can’t help me out now?

He leaned down and gently pulled her up by her hands.  His eyes were hard to read.  They could either be saying “Oh my God, I love you,” or “Hmm…I think I want to hack you to bits and throw you in the sewer.”  Then he smiled at her the way he had in the garden that first night before class. Liza stood on her tip toes.  Bruce wrapped his arms around her and pulled her toward him.  Then he leaned down and kissed her in front of their ridiculous tree.  It was like a fairy tale.

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